The latest movement of Motion Photography

I was pleased to be invited to the VIP launch of the Motion Photography Prize with Google + at the Saatchi Gallery the other night. The launch showcased the finalists of each of the six categories in the competition, which had been judged by a panel of forward-thinkers including film director Baz Luhrmann and artists Cindy Sherman, Tracey Emin and Shazad Dawood. The overall winner of the competition, Christina Rinaldi, was also announced at the launch.

It was a fascinating opening to the new technology provided by Google + that artists have been able to use to create a new medium, sitting somewhere between a still and moving image. I found each of the finalists pieces compelling to watching, Rinaldi’s especially was hypnotising and mesmorising! The subject of art developing with technology is one of interest to me; for my dissertation in my final year at university I wrote about the influence and affect of technology on art. There is a lot to be said about the topic, and obviously it came up in conversation at the launch. I think the two main opposing arguments are that either technology is destroying the value and creativity of art (as it is so accessible and easy for anyone to create a piece of artwork by use of various computer or mobile applications), or on the other hand that technology can and is being used to create new mediums, whilst still maintaining preceding levels of imagination and originality. The new medium of motion photography is a perfect example of the latter opinion, and the finalists at the launch highlighted the innovative and creative potential this technology has.

The finalists’ pieces can be found on the internet and I would recommend having a look, because they really are very interesting!

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