The Other Art Fair – my first visit

Courtesy of one of the featured artists, I was invited to The Other Art Fair, which provided a great opportunity for me as I haven’t visited it before. It was quite incredible to see the imagination, talent and originality shown by so many of the artists and there was such a great atmosphere there too! All the artists were keen to talk about their artwork and as per usual, it was very interesting to hear about how they developed their artistic style/theme/practice. There were so many wonderful collections, but there are just four I would like to mention as I enjoyed these especially.

Firstly, Helaina Sharpley displayed the most beautiful wire drawings that married both drawing and sculpture. Intricate and exquisite in design, these wire-drawings are based on Edwardian architecture and literally jump out from the page. In contrast to this detailed work, David Stanley exhibited his large and subtly colourful paintings. These paintings did not have any precision to detail, instead they embodied a wonderful impression of texture, which is something I always love in a painting! His paintings were really gorgeous and the type of painting you could sit and stare at all day without getting bored.

My next favourite collection was by sculptor Rachel Ann Stevenson. I was very taken with her sculptures; they had such amazing realism as well as bringing to light an unusual idea and theme. Speaking with Stevenson, she explained the depth of her thoughts on reality, unconsciousness and dreams that sparked the creation of these sculptures, which featured intriguing bronze characters incorporated with an element of taxidermy. It was incredible the amount of realistic detail she was able to portray and I thought these sculptures were really excellent. My final favourite was Daniele Davitti, who also had a very unique style to his illustrative artwork. Influenced by fashion, Davitti’s art joins both Japanese and European styles together to create beautiful monochrome images focused on the female figure. I really enjoyed meeting the various artists and experiencing all of their different but equally accomplished works of art.

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