From Ice Sculptures to Glass

This seems to be the week for me to experience sculptures made from less common substances, namely ice and glass. I finally managed to visit the Dale Chihuly exhibition ‘Beyond the Object’, focusing on glass blown sculptures. We are all familiar with Chihuly’s exquisite glass blown chandelier in the entrance of the V&A Museum, which proved to be a real teaser making me desperate to visit his exhibition at the Halcyon Gallery. Without sounding too dramatic, it literally took my breath away as soon as I entered the gallery. Each piece was so vast and eye-catching that I did not know where to begin and consequently was left stood by the doors gawking in amazement for a few minutes. Every sculpture had a unique composition, fantastic hues and individual elements, that with the clever lighting concept, created a spectacular effect. In the centre of the first room was a white, four-columned structure with a transparent glass ceiling on which an explosion of Chihuly’s vibrant sculptures were laid. It was very impressive and overwhelming (in a good way of course).

The other large centrepiece that resided in the second room consisted of an old boat that was filled and overflowing with glass sculptures. There were also more beautiful chandeliers, as well as vases, ornaments and wall decorations. Glass is such an wonderful medium to use in my opinion, as similarly to ice, it has crystal-like qualities and is always beautiful! Chihuly is not restricted at all with his sculptures as creative ingenuity emanates from each composition and there seems to be no limitations. The accomplished sculptor has exhibited his work, including even larger architectural installations, successfully worldwide. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the exhibition and am eager to see more of Chihuly’s work in the future!

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