BBC Proms – Late Night with Radio 1 #IbizaProm

It’s what everyone is talking about at the moment – the infamous #IbizaProm. The “ultimate rave” at the Royal Albert Hall was a bizarre but brilliant Late Night Prom with BBC Radio 1. As a huge BBC Proms fan, I have been to many of the concerts over the years, and each season a more contemporary night is always included. This time, they pushed the boat out even further to create a fantastic Ibiza night with an epic party megamix. Having gone to hear five piano concertos by Prokofiev at the proms the night before, this Late Night Ibiza Prom was a huge contrast! What is even better about nights such as this, is that it interests and invites a younger and more varied audience, allowing classical music to reach even more people who wouldn’t usually be exposed to it. I overheard several people in the queue expressing how they had never been to the proms before, so it was a excellent opportunity for them to go.

Once inside and the performance was underway, a juxtaposition arose by having these well-known rave and party tunes such as Insomnia by Faithless and Lola’s Theme by the Shapeshifters performed in such a classic and iconic venue such as the Royal Albert Hall. Somehow, it worked amazingly well; DJ Pete Tong gave a fantastic performance with the Heritage Orchestra, and the entire hall was on their feet dancing. With insane lighting effects, the venue was transformed into the most exciting and sophisticated club ever seen. As with any megamix, there was a smooth transition between songs but the crowd went crazy at every new favourite song. It was a truly overwhelming event to be a part of!

I personally love both classical and dance music, so to hear a musical fusion of the two was amazing. Although some people might have turned their nose up at the idea, this new style is evolved and combines the best of two separate genres. The enjoyment was clear on the beaming faces of the musicians in the orchestra, conductor Jules Buckley, and the singers were also dancing freely and generally having an amazingly good time. The only disappointing thing was that it was difficult to hear the orchestra at times over the beat. It may have just been where I was stood (in the middle of the standing arena), however listening back to the recordings, it is much clearer and better.

Finally topping of the evening, the talented British singers Ella Eyre and John Newman took to the stage, both stylishly dressed for the occasion. After covering Good Life by Inner City, Eyre performed a unique “sunset Ibiza” version of Waiting All Night by Rudimental showing off her incredible voice. It was mesmerizing. As if this wasn’t enough, Newman closed the evening singing Feel the Love by Rudimental and You Got the Love by The Source, whilst executing some slick dance moves. The passion of all the performers was poignant: it was a fantastic experience, thoroughly entertaining for everyone there and no doubt also for everyone watching it back on BBC iPlayer today!

Watch it here!

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