Monika Grzymala – The Making of Forming Something New

Creating site specific work, Monika Grzymala transforms Galerie Crone with her second solo exhibition.  The Making of Forming Something New features Grzymala’s fantastically impressive and unique installations, as well as complex monochrome photographs and a large piece of paperwork. On entering the first floor of the exhibition, visitors are able to see this paperwork; a generative drawing completed while Grzymala was bedridden following an accident. Refusing to let the accident keep her from completing the exhibition, the artist decided to create this piece by transmitting it by fax. Visitors are intrigued by the different paths that the unconstrained lines take across 454 separate sheets of paper.

Continuing upstairs, the real excitement begins as this section is exceptionally visually stimulating. The original walls of the gallery are filled with black and white photographs that focus closely on patterns and visual textures created in Grzymala’s previous installations and sculptures such as Vortex 1 & 2, Liquid Gravity and  Poyraz-Lodos. Furthermore, these stunning images complement the new striking installations that fill the gallery space. By adding temporary walls, Grzymala is able to apply black tape to the white space in a dramatically expressive way, creating Raumzeichnung (Shifting). The tape is pulled taut through the gallery and a monochromatic interweaving web is powerfully created. It implies restraint, but screams of reaching for freedom at the same time. Following this, the artist scrunches up cling-film attaching it initially to one of the windows before again, pulling it taut around the temporary walls. The use of the clear film creates a fantastic shimmery and weightless effect for the piece Raumzeichnung (Cloud). Both installations carry a sense of strength, movement and a decided fluidity, and visitors are completely blown away. Visiting the exhibition in the evening is extremely effective as the spotlights throw the large installations into strong relief.

The Making of Forming Something New is a spectacular show well worth seeing. It’s quite indescribable and leaves visitors contemplating and deep in thought.

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