Spreading Good Cheer

There are many words that could sum up this year: crazy, unexpected and challenging to name but a few. Christmas this year is going to be different for everyone across the world, with so many people unable to physically be in the same space with their families. Although it is hard, the best thing to do is focus on what is possible right now, be ready to create new traditions and continue to spread good cheer, as well as look forward to the future.

I recently attended the (online) Web Summit and in addition to it being professionally instructive, I also found it to be particularly inspiring this year. The undertone of so many speakers, when discussing such a variety of topics, was the power of hope. And nothing could be more fitting than to round off this year with the emphasis on the power of hope.

Here are some of the most uplifting and inspiring statements given by speakers at the Web Summit, addressing some of the issues the world is currently facing:

On political apathy and polarisation

With unclear guidance from governments during the pandemic, and greater distrust of the information and news we are fed, there have been such strong differences of opinion. Actors Chris Evans and Mark Kassen have created A Starting Point; a platform that addresses this by sharing unbiased, accurate news updates. To conclude their talk, they both expressed their optimism in the future of the way information is shared and education of global issues.

“Hope is what moves us forward” – Mark Kassen

On the climate crisis

Almost everyone is aware of the dangerous state the planet is in, but many people remain apathetic. Some people still think it does not affect them, and others have resigned themselves to the notion that it is already too late and nothing we do now will make a difference. Many organisations, businesses and individuals are taking action however, and doing what they can for the protection and regeneration of the environment, and reduction of further damage. The continuation of this can absolutely change our fate for the better.

“Technology — the human intellect — and the resilience of nature are my reasons for hope. And young people who understand the problem and feel empowered to take action” – Dame Jane Goodall

On life during the pandemic, and in general

Despite everything that has been going on this year, there are many creative and positive ways people across the world have been dealing with the situation that bring so much joy. From Italians making music together from their balconies, to postmen dancing in the streets, there have been so many beautiful stories of people coming together this year — while keeping their distance — that have been truly touching to see.

“The only thing that makes your life meaningful is your relationship with human beings” – Yiying Lu

It has been a reminder that even the smallest act of kindness can change someone’s entire day for the better, and that there are many creative ways to still connect with each other even when we are apart. (For more heart-warming stories that will brighten your day, click here!)

Last thoughts

We might not be getting the Christmas we want this year, but it is important to focus on and celebrate what we do have, and remain confident that the future will be brighter.

“It is pointless to be hopeless — it wastes your present moments and wastes your future plans also” – Malala

As a little festive gift and my way of spreading good cheer (since my House of Quarantine colouring book was so well received earlier this year!) I have designed an additional Christmas Edition for you to enjoy!

Click here to download your free House of Quarantine: Christmas Edition colouring sheets:

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Emily x

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